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Project Name:

Duration of Assignment: 1 staff month
Country: Uganda
Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe.
Caltex Oil (U) Ltd.
7th Street Industrial Area
P.O. Box 7095
Tel:+256-41- 231661
No. of staff: Five
Professional staff provided:
Land surveyors, auto CAD specialist.
Start Date:
June 2002
Completion Date:
July 2002

Description of Project:
Produced block maps of the three Caltex fuel tank depots in Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe covering a radius of 1 km and showing all buildings, road network, drainage, contours and other related features. Purpose of the project was to produce maps to aid in drawing up safety mechanisms to control flow of oil in the event of an oil spillage and devise suitable evacuation routes during a fire breakout.

Produced detailed topographical maps of the three fuel depots in Jinja, Kampala and Entebbe showing office blocks, fuel tanks, LPG tanks, loading and offloading gantries, pipe network and all related facilities.

Actual services provided: 
  • Topographical survey and digitizing
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